Ellen DeGeneres has apologised to Jenna Dewan after a Channing-related mistake

'It was such a habit.'

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'It was such a habit.'

In an awkward television moment that threw everybody for a loop, Ellen DeGeneres introduced Jenna Dewan onto her show as Jenna Dewan-Tatum - despite the fact that the World of Dance judge and Channing Tatum have recently separated. Although Jenna took it in stride, Ellen took a moment to apologise to her live on air.

The interview was the first Jenna had given since she and Channing announced they were separating. She was surrounded by her supportive World of Dance co-stars Ne-Yo, Derek Hough and Jennifer Lopez (who later had a totally relatable spanx accident on air). After telling an adorable anecdote about how her daughter played judge for a day and awarded her an eight out of ten for a dance performance, Ellen held her hand up and owned her mistake.

The host said, 'I just have to say before we go to break, I'm so sorry I introduced you [as Jenna Dewan-Tatum] and I - it was such a habit. And I have to say the way you and Channing are handling everything is beautiful for your daughter and the statements have been great, and I apologise that I just have known both of you for so long and I'm so used to saying...'

As she trailed off, Jennifer Lopez silently put her hand over Jenna's in a show of support.

Jenna responded gracefully, 'I know, I know and thank you. And honestly thank you and everybody for all the love and support, it's truly like it's so moving. So thank you.'

Although the Step Up star seemed to tear up a little, J. Lo rallied behind her and gave her a big hug as the theatre applauded her.

Jenna smiled and shrugged, saying, 'It's all love.'

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