Drew Barrymore's daughter had the cutest (and most accurate) sign at the Women's March


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Words – Lisa Marie Basile

The Women’s Marches that took place January 21st across the globe spoke to the world’s vehement dedication to, among many things, women’s rights, the importance of diversity, and fighting oppression. The March was sort of a great equalizer — people from all walks of life attended, including celebrities. And in case you missed it, Drew Barrymore’s adorable daughter attended the Women’s March, carrying a sign that read, 'I like unicorns - and reproductive healthcare for all.'

We’re right there with you, you adorable little thing. Too bad not all grown-up men agree with you — and too bad America got a D on its reproductive health report card. That’s because the US government wants to defund important programs like Planned Parenthood, our teen pregnancy rate is higher than in other developed countries, and we don’t generally make it easy for people learn about reproductive health or their rights.

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Drew Barrymore marched, alongside millions of others throughout the world, in New York City with her lovely daughter Olive and Olive’s father, her ex-husband, Will Kopelman. In Drew’s post, she wrote, 'Proud of my daughter and her dad.' And we are, too.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Women’s March was the number of men who showed up as allies and supporters. And, of course, the adorable kids who took part in making history, as well.

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Barrymore has always been supportive of women — like when she posted Instagram photos of her and her friends hiking, make-up free, when she proved that age is but a number, or when she openly discussed the realities of post-partum depression. As she watches her children grow older, it must be so empowering for her to stand up to the problems that future generations will inevitably face if we don’t speak out now. Her Instagram caption (above) says it all.

Drew, you’re amazing — and your daughter is clearly following in your footsteps!

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