Diddy just owned Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram




Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

The Met Gala 2017 was a pretty magical affair. We saw Rihanna win the red carpet (and the internet) in her homage to Rei Kawakuba, we saw fully grown celebrity adults turn into naughty smoking-in-the-toilets teens at a school disco, and Eddie Redmayne kicked off because he couldn't get into an after party.

Oh, and then there was Kylie Jenner's bathroom selfie that contains so many famous faces in one place that it's almost as good as Ellen Degeneres' 2014 Oscar pic. Brie Larson even managed to wedge herself into it and she looks so happy.

But where Brie appeared ecstatic to be included in Kylie's Instagram snap, Diddy seems a bit less enthusiastic about showing off any association with the Jenners on social media.

Kylie uploaded a picture of herself and her sister, Kendall, next to Diddy and his friends, all looking pretty bloody Met Gala cool. They're perched on the edge, flipping the bird and generally loving life.

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And who wouldn't be? They're at the most exclusive party of the year, wearing incredible outfits and surrounded by some of the biggest celebs on the planet.

However, it seems that Diddy wasn't loving the snap as much as the two million Instagram users who liked Kylie's photo. In fact, it looks like he stumbled across the picture, saved it and then proceeded to post it on his own feed with a slight difference.

His version contains zero Jenners.

Yup. Diddy dished out the ultimate social media burn and completely cropped out Kendall and Kylie - but left everyone else in the image. Take a look at his version.

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Maybe he didn't realise that these days you don't have to abide by the square pic rule? Expect a call from Kris Jenner any time soon, Diddy...

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