Strictly Come Dancing's Dianne Buswell has sadly split from her boyfriend

Hopefully her dance partner Joe Sugg will be a shoulder for her to lean on.

dianne buswell break up

Hopefully her dance partner Joe Sugg will be a shoulder for her to lean on.

It hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for romances on the Strictly Come Dancing circuit, as fresh off Rebecca Humphries’ split from contestant Seann Walsh - another person on the show has called time on their relationship. They say it takes two to tango, but Strictly pro Dianne Buswell has chosen to go it alone after splitting with her on-off boyfriend Anthony Quinlan of Emmerdale.

According to, a spokesperson for Dianne confirmed the split. They elaborated, ‘Due to their busy schedules and distance they have split but still remain really close friends.’

According to The Evening Standard, their 'struggles with long-distance' also contributed to the downfall of their relationship In fact, The Sun reported that they actually took a break earlier this year for that very same reason and while they did eventually get back together, they 'decided to end things after 10 months of dating'.

dianne buswell break up


Many outlets have previously reported on the ‘Strictly curse’, as celebs and pros on the reality TV show sadly have a tendency to split with their partners while filming. In fact, it’s already affected this year’s cycle as comedian Seann Walsh was spotted cheating on his then-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries with his partner Katya Jones - prompting Rebecca to break up with him and release a powerful statement. On the other hand, Katya Jones said on It Takes Two that she and her husband Neil Jones ‘are fine’.

Prior to filming this series, it was also announced that one of Strictly’s favourite pro couples Karen and Kevin Clifton would be separating. Sadly, the reason their marriage was on the rocks was pretty similar to Dianne’s own predicament as their demanding Strictly schedules took a major toll - even though they were technically working together.

Karen said to The Daily Mail, ‘We were working from 6am until 11pm and by the time we got home there would be no time to do anything. There was no opportunity for us to connect and we started going in completely different directions.’

In Dianne’s case, a few have started speculating that perhaps she and her current Strictly partner Joe Sugg might be thinking about pursuing a relationship. (Give the woman a break man, she literally just broke up with her boyfriend.) The Sun in particular claimed that a source told them how everyone on set had been 'discussing how close [Joe and Dianne] had become'.

They continued, 'It did not go unnoticed by Anthony'.

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Whether there’s something there or not, she and the famous YouTuber do seem to be growing closer and get on like a house on fire.

Besides absolutely nailing their dance routines week after week, they feature quite prominently on one another’s social media - in fact, she could have a budding YouTube career of her own as she’s starred in many of his vlogs.

Given that the pair seem to be pretty great friends, here’s hoping Joe and the rest of the Strictly crew will be able to help keep her mind off the breakup.

The next episode of Strictly Come Dancing will air tomorrow at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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