David Beckham has posted another video of Cruz Beckham singing (it's very sweet)

Future career in pop beckoning, Cruz?

(Image credit: rex)

Future career in pop beckoning, Cruz?

The Beckhams are showing themselves to be very proud parents of their middle son Cruz at the moment.

Last week Victoria Beckham posted an Instagram video of 11-year-old Cruz singing a rather note perfect rendition of Twista's 2005 rap single Hope (a song from the year he was born - yes that makes us feel very old too).

And now, not to be outdone in levels of parental mushiness, David Beckham has also posted a rather sweet video of Cruz singing an unaccompanied version of Cups. 'Look at my little man go,' reads David's accompanying caption. 'Ridiculously cute and the enjoyment in his face whilst doing it just makes us smile.'

Lucy Pavia