People can't cope with this resurfaced viral video of Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn singing

Turns out Christine can sing.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn shows off singing voice in old video
Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn shows off singing voice in old video

Turns out Christine can sing.

Don't you just love it when old videos of celebs before they were famous resurface? Well that's exactly what has happened with Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn. But this isn't just any video... it's a video of her singing.

Who knew there were more strings to Christine's bow that being a real estate agent extraordinaire?!

Since being shared by former X Factor star and all-round Twitter King, Jack Remmington, the previously unseen video has been doing the rounds on social media. So far on Twitter, it's racked up almost 100,000 views, and it's being liked and shared non-stop.

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"Obsessed with old Christine singing in her comfies," posted Jack, alongside the footage of the young Selling Sunset star singing Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved with her guitar-playing friend.

And people were quick to compliment her vocal skills. "Huge Jessica Simpson energy here," wrote one person. "The range!" added another, supposedly in reference to those high notes. "Will need an album," posted another.

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But it wasn't just the fact that Christine has a pretty tuneful voice that shocked people, it's how different she looks, too. Christine Quinn is known for her fierce, high-end and, at times, gothic fashion sense - she famously married in a couture, black Galia Lahav wedding dress. But in this video, everything is a whole lot more lowkey.

Christine wears a long-sleeve knit top along with what looks like some black leggings or joggers, and her hair is several shades darker than her current platinum blonde 'do.

"Wait, not Selling Sunset Christine?!?" commented one person on Twitter, the penny slowly dropping. "She looks SO different!" noted someone else.

Who knows, maybe this is the break Christine Quinn needed to launch a singing career on the side?

The new series of Selling Sunset recently launched on Netflix, and it documents Christine's pregnancy with her baby boy, Christian, who she gave birth to in May 2021.

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But somewhat distressingly, since the new season launched, Christine has been subjected to some awful speculation that she faked her pregnancy and instead used a surrogate. In fact, Christine was so bothered by the rumours that she was forced to shut them down herself.

In an Instagram Story she later deleted, Christine shared a screenshot of a DM she'd received, asking: "Why did you fake your pregnancy?" Responding to the message, Christine captioned the screenshot: "K y'all are beyond f**king sick."

And fair dos. How about we stop questioning the way women's bodies look the way they do following pregnancy, and just appreciate the fact they've birthed new life.

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