Cheryl Cole on Jonathan Ross show

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  • Cheryl Cole shows off wedding ring on Jonathan Ross

    Cheryl Cole happily showed off the fact she’s once again wearing her wedding ring on this week’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

    After months of speculation over whether Cheryl would take back her Chelsea footballer husband Ashley Cole, who reportedly cheated on her, the Girl Aloud confirmed she would, by proudly donning her wedding ring – absent in recent weeks – for her appearance on the chat show.

    The new X Factor judge laughed: ‘I was tempted to put it [the ring] back on – in his head!’

    She continued: ‘There’s no such thing as a private life in this industry.

    ‘I spoke openly about my marriage in the past and it’s come back to hit me in the face…I learnt from the past that you shouldn’t do that.

    ‘There’s something about celebrities having a perfect life. People need to relax and realise we’re human, too.’

    Talking about all the press attention her marriage receives, she said: ‘All the tabloids have to fill their pages (even) when we’re not doing anything.

    ‘It just rolls on. Lies would really get to me at one point, it really hurt, but now I think, whatever.’

    And on her tear-jerking role as the ‘nice’ judge on the X Factor, she said: ‘I’m quite a sensitive person, if I’ve been moved by someone it looks like I’m constantly crying.

    ‘I don’t know how you can’t be touched…I went through that process (auditioning) so I understand.’

    The stunning star also took the opportunity to dispel rumours of a rift between her and fellow judge, Dannii Minogue. Referring to a feud the girls had in the past, she said: ‘We just didn’t talk about it, it’s all water under the bridge, we’re both grown women…

    ‘There’s more arguing going on with Simon and Louis.’


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