Cate Blanchett shows off six-day-old son

First pics! See Cate Blanchett's new baby

While many of her contemporaries have sold the first baby pics of their newborns to the highest bidder, Cate Blanchett instead chose to debut her new baby boy at an Australian political summit.

Ignatius Martin Upton was born on 12th April, with Cate stepping out with him at just six days old.

She attended the meeting of the Creative Australia panel ahead of country’s 2020 summit, which took place in Canberra to discuss how the government can strengthen links with the arts.

The Elizabeth actress happily posed for pictures with her new son, and commented, ‘I’m extremely thrilled about our new Government’s vigour, vision and optimism and I’m genuinely excited about the opportunity this summit presents.’

The new mum added, ‘It is a measure of my belief in the weekend that I am here at all. As you could imagine, I would rather be in bed.’


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