Britney Spears car crash

Britney in motorway accident

Marie Claire celebrity news: Britney Spears
Marie Claire celebrity news: Britney Spears

Britney in motorway accident

It seems like every time Britney Spears gets behind the wheel, she gets herself in trouble.

The latest car crisis? An accident on the highway. The star is unhurt after being involved in an accident on Saturday night in LA.

The pop star was driving her 2008 white Mercedes northbound on the 405 connector to the 101 freeway (that's motorway to us) when the collision occurred at 8:18 pm, the California Highway Patrol confirmed.

According to the accident report, 'The collision occurred when the driver of the Mercedes, driving in the number three lane, in stop and go traffic, failed to observe the vehicle directly ahead of her come to a complete stop. She attempted to brake but failed to stop her vehicle prior to colliding into the rear of the Nissan [in front of her].'

One witness said: 'Britney just appeared to lose concentration and drove into the car in front of her.'

It's the latest in a string of driving dramas for the star - in the past 12 months, the singer has been charged with a hit and run offence and driving without a valid license.

At least she seems to be calming down her previous party lifestyle. Later on that night, she went out to dinner at Dominick's in West Hollywood with her mother Lynne – driven by bodyguards.

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