Britney Spears bankrupt in four years

Britney Spears' parents warn: you'll be bankrupt in four years

Britney Spears out shopping in LA
Britney Spears out shopping in LA

Britney Spears' parents warn: you'll be bankrupt in four years

It's a good job Britney Spears' father is in control of her financial affairs – at the rate she was spending, her parents warn, she would have been bankrupt within four years' time.

The Toxic singer's $100 million estate has already dwindled to $40 million due to her hedonistic lifestyle, and a penchant for expensive houses and cars.

According to the Daily Star, the 26-year-old's mother and father, Lynne and Jamie, are now in crisis talks with the star over her financial recklessness and its consequences.

A Spears business associate told the tabloid: 'She was very wide-eyed and attentive but she's as addicted to buying houses and new Mercedes as she is to the attention of the paparazzi.

'There was a moment when her mother said she could be out of money within four years and her children would still be in primary school.

'That was when she really sat up and took notice.'

Jamie has reportedly put his daughter on a $60 a day spending allowance - and if the star wants more, she has to give a good reason why.

A Life & Style insider says: 'She gets $60 a day in cash. If she needs more, she has to make a special case for it. When Britney gets better, she’ll need her money, and Jamie wants her to have it.'

Meanwhile, there's fresh humiliation for the star, as on-off boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has been spotted cosying up to a new brunette.

The paparazzo has been seen out with LA waitress Amanda Pagel. He was photographed yesterday at her home in LA, prompting speculation that he has already moved on from his relationship with Spears.

Britney and Adnan reportedly split after she found saucy text messages from another woman on his phone.

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