Britney's bizarre world: tears, nakedness and a shrine to Kevin

Britney's former assistant reveals bizarre details of her world

Marie Claire celebrity photos: Britney Spears
Marie Claire celebrity photos: Britney Spears

Britney's former assistant reveals bizarre details of her world

BRITNEY SPEARS FORMER assistant has revealed more details about the troubled pop star's bizarre world.

Kalie Machado has revealed how Britney kept a shrine to Kevin after he left, regularly walked around naked and tried to shave her head a couple of times before actually doing it.

'Britney kept all Kevin's clothes and she would wander into his wardrobe and look at them. You could say it was a shrine to him - or to their marriage at least,' Kalie told The Sun.

'There were [also] two times she wanted to shave her head. I was like, "Britney, it's probably not the best idea".

'The first time we were driving and she was like, "Pull over at this salon". She didn't go through with it in the end.'

'I wasn't there the second time, when she went through with it. Her bodyguards could have not taken her there but you just don't say no to Britney.'

'I still don't know why she did it. She never told me.'

Despite her revelations, Kalie says she didn't think Britney 'was strange at all' – just upset at the breakdown of her marriage.

She says of the star's break-up with Federline: 'She felt so unwanted and she's already insecure. It just made her crazy and depressed.

'She was incredibly sad and lonely while I was with her. I could tell she desperately wanted him back. She'd burst into tears when he wouldn't return her calls.'

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