Brie Larson says she 'didn't feel pretty enough' to go for lead roles in Hollywood

'I thought I'd be a supporting character my whole life.'

'I thought I'd be a supporting character my whole life.'

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Brie Larson has been catapulted into the spotlight in recent years, deservedly becoming an Academy Award winning actress for her brilliant performance in Room. However, the star has admitted that she struggled with self-confidence in the early stages of her career.

In an interview with Porter, the 27-year-old former DJ revealed that a lack of self-esteem left her feeling as though she would never get leading Hollywood roles.

'I just didn't feel confident in myself, I didn't feel pretty enough,' Brie told the publication.

'I thought I'd be a supporting character my whole life and I was struggling with the idea of being the star.'

It's not the first time she has spoken out about the pressures of being in the public eye, having previously discussed her experience of sexism in the fashion industry.

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However, the incredibly talented Brie has only gone from strength to strength, proving her lack of confidence was totally unfounded. Since winning her Best Actress Oscar for her emotional performance in Room, Brie has gone on to star in Kong: Skull Island and will grace our screens as Captain Marvel in 2019.

But despite her mounting success, Brie admits she wasn't entirely confident about taking on the superhero role initially.

'I spent months thinking about whether or not I was going to do the film and I realised that it was a chance to tell a story on the largest scale possible,' she said.

'I know it is going to make me lose some of the things I love most about my life, but I think it's worth it.'

We can't wait to see Brie step into the iconic superhero shoes, and we have no doubt that she'll nail it.

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