Brie Larson lifts the lid on sexism in the fashion industry

And she's not going to stay quiet ...

And she's not going to stay quiet ...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Brie Larson is our ultimate hero. She’s never afraid to speak her mind, she’s an advocate for sexual assault survivors across the world, and her relationship with Emma Stone is absolute friendship goals.

Oh, and she also starred in Room alongside none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, and we didn’t even notice.

Never one to stay quiet about causes she is passionate about, she often lifts the lid on sexism in Hollywood.

In a recent interview, Brie opened up about the double standards in her industry when it comes to fashion.

‘The first time I got a spread in a fashion magazine there was a one-off piece of clothing from the runway.

‘I asked, ‘Can you only be in magazines if you’re the size of this one piece?’ There was this silence,’ she revealed.

In recent years, we’ve seen baby steps towards inclusivity being made in the fashion industry – from models such as Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham moving into the mainstream media and becoming advocates for fashion for all shapes and sizes, to Nike launching its first plus size range.

But Brie’s issue lies with the fact that men aren’t subjected to the same treatment as women when it comes to what clothing is available to them.

She continued: ‘Men get custom suits or shirts made to fit, but as women, if you don’t fit into that sample you bump up against an aspect of your career you can never blossom into … We’d all love to get out of this cycle of abuse where our mental weight is based on our body weight.’

We’ll drink to that.

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