Blake Lively claims she 'hates' this part of her job, and we totally get it

We would too...

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We would too...

Words - Arielle Tschinkel

From the editors of HelloGiggles

It’s no secret that Blake Lively lives a pretty glamorous life…after all, she regularly gets to wear the most beautiful designs created by fashion’s biggest designers. And have you seen Blake Lively's style evolution?

But Blake’s latest Instagram shows the pitfalls of her job, and our hearts totally bleed for her…well, not really. But it’s okay because she was definitely kidding.

Her latest Instagram picture proves that being a total fashion queen is really hard work. Blake shared a shot of herself sitting atop a mountain of shoes, looking exasperated at all the gorgeousness around her.

Blake captioned the photo: 'I hate this part of my job,' (and yes, she’s being totally sarcastic so no need to sound the outrage alarms).

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However, this post leaves us with a lot of questions. Was she trying on the shoes for a top secret photo shoot? Or was she getting an ensemble together for an upcoming event? And are these shoes loaned to her by a stylist, or is this actually her massive personal shoe collection (because we know free shoes are definitely one of those celebrity perks).

And how did those thigh-high shiny fuchsia boots get wrapped around her neck?

We know that Blake loves herself a good pair of shoes, and makes sky-high Louboutin heels on the red carpet look equally as chic as a pair of casual Adidas kicks. We gotta admit that we’re insanely jealous of her shoe collection.

Hey, Blake - if you’re looking to offload a few pairs, we know a few people that would happily take them off your hands…or, er, feet. You know where to find us, girl.

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