Blake Lively Speaks Out On The 'Pressure' Of Losing Her Baby Weight

The actress says she's no longer 'obsessing' over losing weight post-pregnancy

Blake Lively
Blake Lively
(Image credit: Rex)

The actress says she's no longer 'obsessing' over losing weight post-pregnancy

Blake Lively has been speaking to BBC Newsbeat on the pressures of losing weight after giving birth, saying simply: 'Who cares?'

The actress, who gave birth to her baby daughter James in December last year, has been open about her new role as a working mum and wasn't shy when discussing the social pressures placed on women to instantly lose their baby-pounds.

Addressing the headlines praising Blake on her post-baby body, she admitted 'I'm still 15 pounds heavier so it's nice that people think I lost my baby weight.'

She added: 'I still haven't lost a pretty good chunk of it, but it's also the pressure - who cares?

'There's pressure to lose it, or women are like supposed to look like they did when they were 19 right after you give birth to your child, I think it's silly.'

With her new film, The Age of Adaline, about to hit cinema screens this week, it's refreshing to hear a new mum speaking up so honestly about her experience...and it isn't the first time.

Last month she told Stylist magazine: 'I remember leaving the hospital thinking: ‘I have no idea what I am doing. I have a life in my hands and I’m not equipped to do this, because I don’t have the knowledge I need to take care of the most precious, fragile thing in the world.’

It felt like being a passenger on a plane and being told: ‘By the way, now you are going to be piloting the plane.’ But then you take her home and you figure it out. Sometimes you don’t figure it out and even that is a whole new experience.'

Celebrity she may be - and whilst she has plenty of make-up artists on hand to make her look stunning on the red carpet - we're still impressed by her post-baby candour.

Good on you, Blake. We're sure there are plenty of new mums out there who are reassured by your words.

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