Billie Eilish has been body-shamed (again) and fans are not happy about it

Hear, hear.

Billie Eilish
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Hear, hear.

Billie Eilish has always been outspoken when it comes to promoting body positivity, stopping body shaming and standing up for what she believes in. Remember when she asked people not to judge her body at the start of her world tour?

From her early career, she's opted for wearing bigger, baggier clothes in a bid to draw media attention away from her physique. And yet, this week, she's been at the hands of online abuse after wearing something a little different to her trademark style.

Walking around LA, where she lives, the 18-year-old sported a matching vest top, lounge shorts, socks and sliders, all of which were in a similar brown colourway.

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Many quickly took to Twitter and Instagram to discuss the teenager's choice of clothing. Sadly, not all comments were pleasant. Some trolls felt it necessary to share their opinion on Billie's body shape and size. One even went as far as to say that, in the 10 months since lockdown, she's developed the body of a "mid-30s wine mom".

Fans lept to the singer's defence. Many pointed out just how degrading, unnecessary and harmful comments like that can be. One Twitter user said "porn and social media has taught men that bodies like Billie Eilish’s are 'fat', and not perfectly normal." Hear, hear.

Billie responded by reposting a clip of blogger Chizi Suru addressing how important it is to normalise women's bodies. She says: "Can we normalize normal bodies? Ya'll got to start normalising real bodies, ok? Not everyone has a wagon behind them, ok? Guts are normal."

"They're normal. Boobs sag, especially after breastfeeding. Instagram isn't real", the blogger concluded.

We couldn't agree more. Body shaming is never ok, but the way Billie so gracefully handled her response is inspiring. Here's hoping she hasn't been affected by the cruel words.

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