Beyoncé Covers Whitney Houston At Blue Ivy’s School Fundraiser: Proves She’s The Coolest Mum Ever

This is almost too brilliant

(Image credit: REXFEATURES)

This is almost too brilliant

While most parents get up and sing karaoke after a couple of glasses of pinot at a school fundraiser, Beyoncé, being the astonishingly cool mum she is, surprised parents by taking to the stage and putting on a full show.

Well that’s one way to ensure that you’re the most popular mum in the playground when you drop your kid off to school.

Arriving at 4-year-old Blue Ivy’s school, Center for Early Education’s 75th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles wearing a black and gold dress, Beyoncé performed hits such as Crazy In Love and XO to a crowd of stunned parents so excited that they did the ultimate embarrassing parent act, by getting their phones out to film it.

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Perhaps the greatest part of the show was when ‘Yoncé performed a rendition of Whitney Huston’s version of I Will Always Love You

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From the videos put on social networks, her performance was so note perfect that it was as if the spirit of Whitney had entered her. In fact we’re going to put this out there now to any movie executives reading – if you fancy doing a remake of The Bodyguard, then B’s your woman. Just saying.

Check out a clip of Beyoncé belting out the 1992 hit here:

And here’s some Crazy In Love

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2016 is looking to be a year of Beyoncé themed surprises. 

Last month she suddenly released the brilliant and politically charged Formation, and announced a tour. There are also rumours that she will release a new album in April.

A source told The Mirror: ‘[She] is close to making a new worldwide, multi-album deal with Sony Music; the final release under the current deal is now set for April.'

There are also rumours that she’ll also release an album with husband Jay-Z this year too. 

The insider added: ‘There are rumours of another Beyoncé album in 2016, this one a joint project with husband Jay Z.’

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