Leonardo DiCaprio Is Officially The Biggest Favourite In Oscar Betting History

It's finally Leo's year to win the Oscar, here are the stats to prove it!

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
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It's finally Leo's year to win the Oscar, here are the stats to prove it!

Think Leonardo DiCaprio is going to win an Oscar this year? Turns out, everyone else thinks so too.

According to bookmakers William Hill, Leonardo has become the shortest priced favourite in Oscar betting history. He is the standout contender tipped to take home the statue for Best Actor.

So if you haven't already placed an official bet on him to win, now is definitely not the time to do it (unless you enjoy losing money).

Leo has trumped Helen Mirren’s history-making odds by a mile - back in 2006 she was placed at 1/66 (bet £66 to win just £1) for her performance in The Queen. But Leo is even more of a sure-thing according to the betting agents.

His odds to win stand at 1/100 (bet £100 to win just £1). Since October a staggering 97% of all bets have been for Leo to win. EVERYONE thinks he has this in the bag.

And it makes sense, Leo is a very accomplished actor who's yet to take home a golden statue. Plus, Leo fandom has reached fever pitch over recent months – his Titanic co-star Kate Winslet has been publically rooting for him and fans have been holding dedicated events to ramp up Leo support.

Even people who weren’t that keen on The Revenant (the film he has been nominated for, which some declared a gore-fest) have been nodding solemnly and pronouncing ‘it’s his time’.

If he doesn’t win it will be extremely shocking. In fact, we will have to shut our eyes to avoid seeing his loser face. Sure, Leo takes it graciously every time (he’s essentially a pro having had to leave the Academy Awards auditorium empty handed five times already) but boy-oh-boy to we hope the sixth time’s a charm for Leo. And it's seems this is a widely-shared sentiment.

Want to make your own Oscar predictions official?

Check out all the William Hill odds:

Best Picture: 8/15 The Revenant; 2/1 Spotlight; 4/1 The Big Short; 80/1 Mad Max: Fury Road; 80/1 The Martian; 100/1 Room; 150/1 Brooklyn; 200/1 Bridge Of Spies

Best Actor: 1/100 Leonardo DiCaprio; 16/1 Eddie Redmayne; 16/1 Michael Fassbender; 50/1 Bryan Cranston; 66/1 Matt Damon

Best Actress: 1/20 Brie Larson; 8/1 Saoirse Ronan; 25/1 Cate Blanchett; 25/1 Jennifer Lawrence; 50/1 Charlotte Rampling

Best Director: 1/8 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; 11/2 George Miller; 12/1 Adam McKay; 14/1 Tom McCarthy; 80/1 Lenny Abrahamson

Best Supporting Actor: 2/7 Sylvester Stallone; 5/2 Mark Rylance; 16/1 Christian Bale; 20/1 Tom Hardy; 40/1 Mark Ruffalo

Best Supporting Actress: 2/5 Alicia Vikander; 10/3 Kate Winslet; 7/2 Rooney Mara; 25/1 Jennifer Jason Leigh; 66/1 Rachel McAdams

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