5 Of The Best Celebrity Twitter Comebacks

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  • The best celebrity Twitter comebacks are short, sharp and generally result in some long-lasting burn-age.

    Celebrities on Twitter are just like us – they want to go about their normal, everday lives, tweeting about mundane activities like their favourite coffee brand, new haircut, political musings and er, impending book release, with little or no critique (praise is fine).

    Like us, they want to straddle that line between writing a tweet that draws attention, but not too much attention, for the wrong reasons. Earning a few hundred million likes in the process is a bonus. But when the public get harsh, celebs can use their platform to clap-back in spectacular fashion (which we saw very recently with Kim Kardashian, who seems to have run her giving-a-hoot faucet completely dry).

    Popcorn at the ready guys, these are the best celebrity Twitter comebacks ever.

    Back in 2012, a photo of Rihanna at Coachella rolling a blunt went viral (she was doing it on the head of one of her minders as she was positioned on-top of his shoulders), and MTV ran a very shame-y story around it entitled: ‘Rihanna’s Marijuana Photos From Coachella Spark Controversy’. So naturally Rihanna, queen of shade, called the media channel out by simply informing them that her fucks = depleted. The result? MTV deleted their tweet entirely. Yikes indeed.


    James Blunt

    If you don’t follow James Blunt on twitter, maybe you should start now, (not for his concert updates, but he is still gigging btw), it’s because celebrity twitter comebacks don’t come better than his. The crooner takes great pleasure in firing back at anyone (and their respective families) who dares to criticise his music, appearance or lifestyle choices because hey, he’s actually mega-rich in case you didn’t know. Here’s a selection of his best clap-backs.


    Zach Braff
    Being a famous person on twitter does mean that you’ll get a ridiculous amount of uncalled-for BS hurled at you at random points in the day, most of which it’s probably best to ignore. But when you’re feeling a little vengeful, calling out some of these random, mean-spirited strangers can be extremely satisfying as Zach Braff will tell you. A quick search for the girl below tells us that she’s no longer active on twitter – maybe she’s still applying some cool water to that burn?

    Chrissy Teigen
    The model, Mum-to-be, and part-time professional giver of zero hoots is no stranger to calling out trolls on her Twitter account, most recently for telling her that she shouldn’t have been able to choose the sex of her IVF-assisted baby with husband John Legend. Keep it coming with those salty remarks, Chrissy.

    J.K. Rowling

    So J.K. was definitely not having a JK when she shut down a troll who body-shamed Serena Williams for apparently being ‘built like a man’ (ergh). And the author is totally not afraid of wielding the power of her wit when it comes to striking fear into other trolls online too – we’ve rounded up the rest of J.K. Rowling’s magical twitter comebacks if you want further proof of her awesomeness.

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