Hollywood stars at the BAFTAs looking like they don't really want to be there

Stars at the BAFTAs having their very own "I really am a long way from Hollywood" moments

'We're a long, long way from Hollywood, Brad'

In the last ten years the BAFTAs have grown from an underdog awards ceremony with a scattering of A-list names into one of the biggest and hottest events in the international film calendar.

But there's just one snag. Taking place as they do slap bang in the middle of Hollywood's award season - which gets going in early January and winds up around the beginning of March with the Oscars - the BAFTAs are also prone to some pretty terrible British weather, forcing the Hollywood elite to leave lovely, balmy Los Angeles for cold, rainy London. Here's a few of the moments when A-listers have looked slightly less than impressed to be there.

Casey Affleck

There's a fine line between 'smouldering photo eyes' and 'this is what true misery looks like.' We think we know what camp Mr Affleck falls into here.

Jennifer Lawrence

This was the year when the rain came pouring down - even for London standards - and the hem of J-Law's beautiful Dior dress got soaked. Her face (below) says it all. It looks like those shoes were pretty painful too. Still, she did walk away with a Best Supporting Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook so it's not all bad.

Kristen Stewart

It is well documented that Kristen Stewart doesn't really enjoy the red carpet, but this expression definitely also says 'cold-cold-cold, why oh why am I in a strapless dress?!'

Jessica Chastain

'Will it EVER stop raining?' - probably not, Jessica. Though she was a fine enough actress to hide the fact that spending hours in hair and make-up only to totter around in the rain in a long dress is never fun.

Ben Affleck and George Clooney

George: 'No seriously, it does this most of the year. Even in the Summer.'

Ben: 'Ugh. Take me back to LA.'

George: 'Hang on buddy, you've got rain on your jacket again.'

Jennifer Lawrence (a little earlier)

This is Lawrence a few years before, when she was nominated for Winter's Bone, getting her very first blast of BAFTA red carpet weather.

Kate Winslet

This was the year the soap they'd used to clean the red carpet reacted with the rain to make some sort of... white mulch. Winslet's really enjoying it.

Christina Ricci

'I am going to kill my agent'

Sarah Jessica Parker

When in the UK for the BAFTAs a designated umbrella holder is a very good idea.

Reese Witherspoon

'Seriously - last autograph. I'm freezing my ass off here, dudes. Do you know what the temperature is in LA right now?'

Lucy Pavia