Baby Harper Seven Beckham named after Disney show?

Rumour has it Victoria Beckham's baby has been named after a character in the Wizards Of Waverly Place

David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham
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Rumour has it Victoria Beckham's baby has been named after a character in the Wizards Of Waverly Place

No sooner had David and Victoria Beckham announced the name of little Harper Seven yesterday morning, than the rumour mill swung into overdrive, with speculation mounting over the reasoning behind their first baby girl's unusual moniker.

The most recent explanation? Little Harper has been named after a character is children’s show Wizards Of Waverly Place.

The Disney hit - starring teen singing sensation Selena Gomez - is reportedly a favourite of David and Victoria’s three children Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, with some saying it was the Beckham boys who first suggested the name.


The Hollywood couple have made no secret of the fact that they had asked for their boys' input in naming their longed-after fourth child.

In fact, David famously joked how Romeo suggested they called the baby Justine Bieber Beckham, after his favourite US pop star Justin Bieber.

But when the boys suggested Harper it’s thought David and Victoria were so taken with the name they decided they would keep it.

‘The entire family had input – Victoria and David love the name, but it was the boys who actually came up with it,’ one insider told the Mailonline.

‘Victoria loved it because it’s an Olde English name and even though Harper is an American by birth, she will always have English roots.’

When it comes to baby Harper’s middle name, the insider added David and Victoria only came up with the unusual middle moniker ‘at the last minute.’

‘It’s a very lucky number for David and he has always wanted to name one of his children Seven,’ the source said.

‘It was obviously David’s number at Manchester United and she was born at 7.55am, during the seventh month of the year and weighing 7lb 10oz, so it made perfect sense to them.’

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