Amy Winehouse trashes hotel room

Amy Winehouse causes 'carnage' in hotel room

Amy Winehouse performing at the Brit Awards 2008
Amy Winehouse performing at the Brit Awards 2008

Amy Winehouse causes 'carnage' in hotel room

Amy Winehouse has been accused of trashing a top hotel room - causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The troubled star has been living at the Riverbank Plaza Hotel on the Albert Embankment since leaving rehab nearly two weeks and has refused to let cleaners in.

Hotel management finally went into her room while she was performing at the Brits on Wednesday, and found at least three thousand pounds worth of damage done to the wooden floor, describing the scene as 'carnage'.

A hotel source said: 'It was covered in booze and fag butts, absolutely disgusting. The bed hadn’t been changed since she arrived and most of the room had been used as an ashtray.

'There was dirty underwear everywhere and the place smelt incredibly stale. She had taken a mirror off the wall and laid it on the floor. One can only guess what for. She’d also taken down all the pictures.

'The bath had to be scrubbed and unblocked from balls of matted hair.

'It took three maids two hours to get it in a habitable order.'

Amy has been staying at the £300-a-night 11th floor room with photographer Blake Wood. It is thought she does not want to return to her flat in Bow, East London, where she was exposed smoking crack cocaine.

Yesterday, Amy had a tearful meeting with her husband Black Fielder Civil in prison.

One source said: 'She was in tears as she spoke to Blake. He kept putting his hand on his forehead and at one point it looked as though he was crying too. It was a very tense conversation.'

Despite her recent troubles, Amy still managed to deliver a faultless performance at this year's Brits ceremony.

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