Alexis Bledel: 'I hate watching myself on TV'

Yay! Gilmore Girls is back. Marie Claire talks to Alexis Bledel about fans, Italian desserts and attempting to be minimalist

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Yay! Gilmore Girls is back. Marie Claire talks to Alexis Bledel about fans, Italian desserts and attempting to be minimalist

As Gilmore Girls returns to our screens, we sat down with Alexis to talk about her love of winter drinks and her surprise at the show's cult following. Here, we get to know the actress behind Rory: the fast-talking coffee drinking character we all know and love...

'I’m the kind of person who, if I like one song, will listen to all of the band’s work before moving on to another group. I love Haim. I don’t know much about music, but I find them pretty addictive.'


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'I’m not a fan of watching myself on TV – it’s just not relaxing. It’s like if you hear your voice on a recording; it doesn’t sound the same as when it comes out of your mouth.'

'Marisa Silver is one of my favourite authors. I’m reading her new book Little Nothing at the moment. She’s an incredible writer.'

'Italy is amazing. I took a cookery class in Tuscany, which was fantastic. We got to go to different markets with the chef and he taught us how to make dishes from scratch – not just pasta, but roasts and traditional desserts, too.'

'Give me a hot drink and I’m happy. Hot cider, hot chocolate, coffee… I like all winter beverages!'

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'When we first filmed Gilmore Girls, I didn’t know it would build such a cult following. It’s hard to have a real perspective on something you’re in the middle of. But years later, when people were still talking about it, I realised how much they loved it. I’m glad we’ve been able to bring it back.'

'I try to stop myself shopping, as I’m attempting to get rid of stuff. I read The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying by Marie Kondo, because I want to have a more minimalist approach.'

'When I travelled, I used to do a lot more photography, but I’ve started again recently. I love capturing transitional seasons, like fall and spring. It feels as if you’re moving into something different.'

'Films don’t typically make me emotional. The last movie I cried at was The Impossible, which is about the tsunami in 2004. I was moved by how realistic it was.'

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