A-Rod ‘in love’ with Madonna

Alex Rodrioguez 'in love' with Madonna?

The rumours surrounding baseball star Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are escalating

following the sports star’s split from his wife – and now a pal has revealed he confessed his love for the singer 7 months ago.

According to the Sun, a friend told a US magazine that the New York Yankee said he was in love with Madonna while his wife Cynthia was still pregnant.

The source revealed that Alex, known as A-Rod, couldn’t stop texting Madonna when they were out for dinner. He said: ‘He kept smiling, acting as if he was a little kid. He told me it was Madonna. I was shocked.

‘He proceeded to say he was in love with her. I thought he was kidding – but he wasn’t.’

The baseball star is facing a £50 million divorce battle with his wife, who fled to Paris after rumours of an alleged tryst emerged. Her lawyers branded his friendship with Madge the ‘final straw’ in their six-year marriage.

Cynthia’s legal team said it was not a physical relationship, and Madge – who also denies an affair and ‘close emotional attachment’ – was not named in divorce papers.

Meanwhile, Madonna faces fresh anguish as her brother, Christopher Ciccone, reveals in his new tell-all book that the singer loves Guy – but not as much as herself.

He said: ‘I hope it’s Kabbalah’s lesson that she’s not the centre of the universe.’



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