8 Things You Need to Know About PAN

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  • Classic childhood story + stellar cast = huge blockbuster

    If Peter Pan was one of your favourite books growing up, prepare to love Joe Wright’s new film, PAN which reinterprets the classic. Team MC were given a sneak peak at the film and thought we’d let you into a few secrets because we’re kind like that. 

    Here are 8 things you need to know about PAN: 

    1. It’s a prequel 
    Expanding on J.M Barrie’s original play, Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up this film imagines how Peter first came to live on Neverland and his journey to becoming to the character that we all know and love today. 

    Plot twist alert! The biggest surprise is Pan’s close relationship with Hook [played by Garrett Hedlund] – whom we all know becomes his arch-nemesis later on.  
    2. Cara Delevingne plays a mermaid 
    From model to mermaid, Cara takes to the big screen as a sea faring creature in the film. While it seems to be a bit of an blink-and-you-missed-her sort of role, no one can deny that this film will be another cornerstone in Cara’s move from catwalk princess to movie star. 
    3. Nirvana play a part 
    Not content on just cornering the kids market, PAN is most certainly a film for all the family (or just you and your fully legal friends). Expect a great little allusion to Nirvana within the film! 
    4. Hugh Jackman plays a formidable Blackbeard 
    Remember Hugh’s funky moustache and beard combo from last year’s Wimbledon? No? Let us remind you. 
    Yeah. That one. 
    It was all for his role as the infamous Blackblack. The swash-buckling pirate is slightly terrifying unlike the actor who plays him who is slightly beautiful. 
    5. Levi Miller called Hugh ‘Mr Jackman’ on set and fell in love with Garrett
    Levi Miller – the young Australian actor who plays Peter – was apparently a darling on set. He insisted on calling Hugh, ‘Mr Jackman’ for the first week or rehersals and according to director, Joe Wright was mesmerized by Garrett Hedlund. Well, we would be too. 
    6. Rooney Mara is all kinds of badass as Tiger Lily 
    Well, isn’t she always? 
    7. Amanda Seyfried makes an appearance 
    Our cover girl Amanda Seyfried adds to her already impressive filmography with the role of Peter’s mother, Mary. We just fall more and more in love with her! 
    8. You’re going to want to live in Neverland and never ever return back after watching 
    Well, didn’t we all as kids anyway? The thought of never growing old and roaming wild as a child was appealing, but now as an adult with taxes, bills and 9-5 working hours, it’s even more so. Prepare to Google ‘is Neverland real and how do I get there?’ after watching. 
    PAN will be in cinemas nationwide from 16th October.

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