Apparently THIS is the best time to apply for a new job...

Looking for a new career?

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Looking for a new career?

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

A new study by casual job hiring app Job Today has revealed the best time statistically to apply for a new job.

Research indicated that 9am on a Wednesday is the ideal time to go for a new role and that applying at this time can often lead to an interview within just 24 hours.

Job Today found that over 17% of employers choose to post new jobs on a Wednesday and that 47% of applicants on this day were invited for an interview within 24 hours of the job being posted.

The study also discovered that women are seemingly more career-savvy as they look for new roles 20% more often than men... girl power.

Despite this research, Co-Founder of Job Today, Polina Montano, recommends applicants apply as early on in the week as possible in the morning: "I would always recommend being enthusiastic and start early in the day to look for a role whilst others might be having a lie in", she notes.

"Our insight shows that by lunchtime on Wednesday employers will start to receive a flurry of applications so why not get in their first and get noticed”.

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