10 career hacks: how to succeed in the job of your dreams

Promotional feature with HUAWEI

Promotional feature with HUAWEI

From ballerinas to designers, five female professionals give us their top tips on how to succeed...

When it comes to dream careers, whether you're just starting out, climbing the office ladder or going it alone as an entrepreneur, achieving success in the workplace ranks pretty high on our #lifegoals list.

Playing to your talents and strengths, and feeling valued, are key factors in choosing your career and being successful. But we appreciate that, sometimes, a little bit of on-point advice from a seasoned pro can go a long way.

That’s why we’re championing the HUAWEI P20 Pro, and its powerful ‘See More’ campaign.

‘See More’ showcases a trio of successful career women at the top of their game – a pilot, a ballet dancer and a jewellery designer – each shot by no less than international supermodel Helena Christensen.

Using the HUAWEI P20 Pro’s ‘intelligent’ technology, each of Christensen’s photos captures the essence of what it means to truly love what you do.

We asked each of these successful women plus two Marie Claire high flyers to share their top tips for career success…

Name: Melissa Chapski Profession: Ballet dancer

Work hard and be patient

'Keep working hard. Rehearse, watch and correct yourself because ultimately, it’s your career and you owe it to yourself to reach your fullest potential. But remember to be patient – any career (especially ballet) is demanding and difficult so it's crucial to stay grounded.'

Listen to your own advice

'I think the three biggest things would be to free myself from judgement, always appreciate everything that I have, and to always remain open to new experiences.

Name: Katie Thomas Profession: Digital Beauty Editor, Marie Claire

Do your research

'Immerse yourself in the industry you want to be a part of. If, like us, you want to be in magazines, read as much as possible. Read monthlies, supplements, websites, whatever you can get your hands on. The more you know about the industry, the better prepared you will be.'

Put yourself out there

'Network. I don’t just mean go to formal networking events – tell everyone and anyone what is it that you want to achieve/do, because you never know who might have a connection that could be invaluable to you.'

Name: Maria Fagerström Profession: Pilot/vlogger

Seek out inspiration

'My dad has always been my role model and inspiration to pursue my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. He gave me a brochure of a miniature airplane that he got when he first started flying. It’s a reminder of where I started and how far I’ve come.'

Invest in the right kit

'Creating great content is only possible when you have the best device for the situation you're in. Having a 4K camera – like the HUAWEI P20 Pro – that shoots in raw formats and is also my phone, which I have on me all the time, gives me the ability to create great content wherever I am and in any situation, on every adventure.'

Name: Adeline Rapon Profession: Jewellery Designer

Do what you enjoy

'I enjoy building things and making objects that have meaning,' says Adeline when discussing her past. 'I used to help my grandfather create wood furniture when I was growing up, and I loved the feeling of creating something with my hands. I finally got that feeling back with jewellery.'

Start out as an apprentice or intern

'I got my start in jewellery workshops and learned to design pieces there. I'm not only a jewellery designer, I'm also a jeweller and that is very important to me.'

Name: Penny Goldstone Profession: Digital Fashion Editor, Marie Claire

Be confident

'Fake it ’til you make it. Obviously, I’m not saying to lie on your CV or anything, but if you come across confident enough, you’ll really impress people. For my most successful job interviews (i.e. when I got the job), I’ve been assertive, asked questions and even throw the odd banter in (where appropriate obviously).'

Become a 'yes' person

'Never say no, especially if you’re starting out. No one dreams of doing the tea run when they graduate, but if you’re happy enough to do the less interesting jobs, then you’ll soon be given meatier tasks. It’s a small industry, and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities I got from someone recommending me to someone else.'