Revealed: Two Beauty Hacks To Get The Skin Of A Victoria’s Secret Angel

And they really don't cost anything...

Lily Aldridge at the Victoria's Secret catwalk show 2012
Lily Aldridge at the Victoria's Secret catwalk show 2012
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And they really don't cost anything...

We all know that those Victoria’s Secret Angels are a beautiful bunch. Some swear by egg yolk facials, others drink gallons and gallons of water to keep their signature dewy complexions just so... But now one Angel, Lindsay Ellingson has revealed two makeup hacks that we can all do at home. And they are actually both surprising and cheap.

In a blog post for QVC, Lindsay reveals her top tips for getting VS-worthy skin. ‘This is a fun trick I learned backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show,’ she begins. ‘The key makeup artist, to my surprise, applied lipstick to our cheeks.’

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In the wrong hands, it could go oh so wrong, couldn't it? But when blended beautifully, we can totally see the virtues of our new, unexpected soft cream blusher.

‘After that was blended he applied foundation on top to slightly mute the colour,’ Lindsay confirms. ‘This gave us a very natural flush to our cheeks. In fact, you can apply almost any lipstick to your cheeks, this is especially great if you’re in a rush and only have room for one product in your bag. I recommend sticking with hydrating lipsticks that won’t tug on your skin.’

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She also revealed that every VS Angel knows about ‘the V’ illusion – a way to lift your cheekbones when applying foundation, that gives that naturally gorgeous effect that all the girls seem to own. Simply apply your foundation from the inner corner of your eyes, down to the apple of the cheeks and then up and over the cheekbone.

So now we know, we can all go out there and live our fiercest, most Angelic lives, right?