The sleeping position that will give you more wrinkles

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  • And most of us do it.

    Words by Lexxi Davis

    If this is your sleeping position, you might want to think again if you want to stay fresh faced…

    According to Skin Repair expert Lorena Öberg, lying on your side while you sleep can cause your skin to create small folds on your body, which can bring about excess wrinkles. Fantastic.

    Unless you’re Sleeping Beauty, most of us sleep on our sides, 41% of us to be precise. A study conducted by the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service; revealed that nearly half of us sleep on our sides in a foetal position. So pretty much half of the world are DOOMED to a prematurely wrinkly existence.

    sleeping beauty landscape.jpg

    Here’s how to counteract the premature lines, if you can’t face sleeping like a Disney princess.

    Other than your trusty moisturiser, a good night time oil can work wonders to slow down the effects of ageing skin. From super serums to organic beauty, any deeply nourishing ointment should do the trick.

    Plus, celebrity beauty expert Charlotte Tilbury, (who actually sleeps in her make-up), swears by face masks and her own Magic Cream, to fight premature wrinkles. You’ll also find the best moisturisers to keep wrinkles at bay here.

    Photo by REX

    So if you don’t think you can change a lifetime habit of rolling on to your side to sleep, then not to worry. Your beauty bag will save you, (probably).



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