How The Body Shop is using crooked carrots to help reduce global food waste

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Living sustainably is easier than ever nowadays. There are simple ways to recycle beauty products, sustainable wedding ideas, and big brands are making sure that they are offering solutions to plastic waste and fast fashion. Boots are banning plastic bags and ASOS now has a 'responsible' filter.

They recently announced the revival of their Return, Recycle, Repeat initiative and now The Body Shop is making the most of crooked carrots that can't be sold in supermarkets by incorporating them into products instead or throwing them in the trash.

Their new collection includes the Carrot Wash (£8.50) and Carrot Cream (£14) which use the anti-oxidant and Vitamin C-packed vegetables - regardless of the fact that they might be a bit wonky.

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Saving the carrots from waste isn't just great for the planet, but they're also great for the skin, boasting healing properties and promising that all-important healthy glow.

Diego Ortiz De Zevallos, Global Brand Development Director for The Body Shop, told Bustle: 'The UK Soil Association estimates that in the UK, 20 to 40 per cent of produce is rejected simply because it doesn't look right.

'At the Body Shop we don't think this is right! So we are trying to tackle this issue by using either ingredients derived from second grade/second choice food products (like our wonky carrot) or by-products from the food industry.

'We try to use all parts of the ingredient, 'ugly' or not, to support minimal waste.'

Even better, the carrot-based products are made from more than 90% natural ingredients and use 100% recyclable packaging (made from 55% recycled plastic).

It's a yes from us.

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