The new ASOS 'responsible filter' is here to make sustainable shopping easier




Sustainability has become the 2019 buzzword. We're living more consciously than ever before, adopting a more eco-friendly attitude towards our beauty routines, shopping habits and day-to-day lives. From researching sustainable wedding ideas, to learning how to recycle beauty products, to opting for sustainable sports brands, we're collectively making an effort to switch to more sustainable practices.

And big brands are starting to do their bit, too. The Body Shop reintroduced the Return, Recycle, Repeat scheme to reduce plastic waste and Waitrose is trialling a take-your-own-tubs initiative to reduce packaging.

Now fashion giant ASOS has introduced a feature which allows customers to make more eco-friendly choices. The new 'responsible' filter can be applied to your search - just like the usual price, style and size filters - and the results will bring up items that have been made sustainably.

This means pieces that are made from recycled fabrics and textiles, or are 100% organic cotton for instance. It could also mean the clothing is paraben-free or has been made by hand to reduce water usage.

The 'responsible edit' on the site reads: 'Giving you the confidence to shop with both sustainability and style in mind, our responsible edit is your one-stop home for all the environmentally conscious clothing, accessories and living items at ASOS.

'Look out for recycled goods, where waste, plastic and textiles have been recreated as new products. You’ll also find sustainable fibres and fabrics, which use less water and exert less waste along the way, making these buys better for the environment.

'It’s our call for sustainability, without compromising your unique style. All the feel-good vibes.'

The new tool will ensure that you're doing your bit for the planet by shopping more consciously and making your choices based on the impact each piece has on the environment.

Let's hope more brands follow suit.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

Jadie Troy-Pryde is News Editor, covering celebrity and entertainment, royal, lifestyle and viral news. Before joining the team in 2018 as the Lifestyle and Social Media Editor, she worked at a number of women’s fashion and lifestyle titles including Grazia, Women’s Health and Stylist, and now heads the Marie Claire UK news desk.