Ditch Your Razor, Guys – We’ve Discovered The Benefits Of The Bush

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  • A full bush is back in fashion and for good reason too! We take the time to praise the power of pubes…

    Attention everyone, Hollywood waxes are out and the bush is back. Think of all the extra time and money that we’ll save! Think of all the hours we’ll spend not screaming in agony! Think of the dignity you’ll retain when you’re no longer paying a stranger to coat your bits in melted candles!
    Bush Oil went on sale last week, promising to enhance your lady garden, conditioning it with essential oils and making it smoother, shinier and healthier. As the UK’s first female friendly pubic hair oil, the product by Natural Spa Factory has been praised for not only improving the health and hygiene of your privates but also for encouraging the recent full bush trend, normalising pubic hair.

    A bare nether region has been considered the norm for decades: a fully waxed vaj being the ultimate popularity stamp in fash pack circles, and an untamed bush signalling that you’re an avid watcher of Rosemary and Thyme and own several cats. But while you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was Britney or Mossy who started the hairless V trend in the 1990s, it’s actually been around for centuries. In fact, the practice originated in ancient Egypt when prostitutes would go hairless to make their profession known… So why on earth are we still doing it?
    One reason is our want to appear desirable, which psychologists believe is perpetuated through pornography. Dr Justin Lehmiller uses Playboy magazine as an example of porn, brainwashing the female public into believing that ‘hairiness is undesirable’ and that ‘the removal of pubic hair is seem to “improve” the body’.

    There is a lot of stigma surrounding pubic hair, so much so in fact that letting your hair grow out has become reason for comment, even gossip. A woman choosing to defy society and make her own bodily decisions… shock horror.  
    Hair removal is not only socially accepted but expected, with women going to great lengths to achieve a smooth and well-mown lady garden. The most popular methods are waxing, shaving and epilating but some have even undergone laser hair removal surgery to keep up with the fashion.
    And we’ve had enough. With celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Kourtney Kardashian paving the way, women are starting to go ‘au naturel’ – embracing their bushes and in turn reaping the benefits. In fact, those same women who underwent painful hair removal surgery are going through even more painful surgery to have their pubic hair re-attached. Yes, we’re deadly serious, it’s actually a thing.
    Why? We’re glad you asked. Despite going against the, er, grain, a bush isn’t just sexy and womanly – it has a tonne of health benefits too. So before you reach for your razor, your might want to think again.  
    Here are some ways that embracing your pubic hair could be beneficial to your health (and your sex life). All hail the benefits of the bush…

    It protects you…

    Pubic hair acts as a natural forest-like barrier, protecting you from both diseases and skin problems. It stops dust and bacteria from entering your body and lessens your risk of contracting a viral infection. Not to mention the fact that regular waxing and shaving is proven to irritate the skin, inflaming your hair follicles and sometimes leading to boils, abscesses and even STDs like Molluscum Contagiosum. Not a good look.  

    It help you to cool down…
    Pubic hair can regulate your body temperature, helping you to sweat and also cooling down your skin when the oil (released by the sebaceous gland on each hair follicle) evaporates.

    It prevents genital warts…
    It’s safe to say that no one in the world wants genital warts and keeping your bush big and healthy could well be the answer. Although it doesn’t entirely prevent the viral infection, having pubic hair helps to avoid skin on skin contact, making it harder to contract the condition from a carrier. Horray.

    It stops friction…
    Pubic hair is actually a natural lubricant, saving your body from body friction. The sensitive region needs protecting from the rubbing of skin, preventing redness and stopping irritation during sex.

    It could improve your sex life…

    Pubic hair contains pheromones. Don’t panic if you don’t know what that means, we had to look it up too. Pheromones are chemicals that we produce, impacting and triggering behaviour in the people around us. Sexual arousal is often down to pheromones, so that alone is reason to keep your bush! Not to mention, studies show that sensation is heightened by hair follicles. We’re throwing away our razors now!

    They can hide your sagging vagina…according to Cameron Diaz…

    Cameron Diaz is known for praising the bush, emphasising that ‘pubic hair has a purpose’. She also pointed out in ‘The Body Book’ another pro-pubic hair factor to consider: a pretty draping for your saggy labia. ‘Let’s be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia majora is not immune to gravity’ she explained, ‘do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life?’ Not anymore thank you Cameron.

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