So THIS Is What Went Wrong With Angelina Jolie’s Make-Up…

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  • Our Beauty Features Editor explains the truth behind Angie's powder blunder and shares how we can all learn from her mistake.

    Angelina Jolie‘s make-up mistake has become a major talking point today.

    When we first saw the visible white powder on her face, we were actually relieved to see that she’s not always flawless – and we kind of liked seeing a more relatable side of the gorgeous superstar.

    But our second thought was: What exactly is going on here? And how in the world did Angie’s make-up artist allow her to leave the house like that?

    To clear up our confusion, we turned to the expert beauty team here at Marie Claire. Here’s what Beauty Features Editor Jess Lacey had to say on the subject:

    ‘Well someone’s got some answering to do this morning! A pro make-up artist should be well clued-up on which bases to apply for different lighting set-ups, but it appears Angelina’s was not.

    ‘The powders used for moving image photography are impressive formulas that bounce light off the skin, making it appear flawless in hi-definition. Great for movies – but have a camera flash in her face and all the pigment particles reflect like tiny mirrors off her face, appearing like she’s been attacked by a cloud of talc.

    ‘Although these are pro-tools that we’re unlikely to use ourselves, we should take note from Angelina’s bad experience. SPF in your foundation and highlighting creams can have a similar light-bouncing effect. So make sure you avoid them when the flashbulbs pop.’

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