This skincare junkie is freaking everyone out by wearing sheet masks on the commute

Sheet mask on the commute? Skincare dedication.

woman wearing sheet mask on train
woman wearing sheet mask on train
(Image credit: Youtube)

Sheet mask on the commute? Skincare dedication.

Would you wear a sheet mask on a busy commuter train? One woman in China has been doing just that, and her fellow passengers are freaking out.

Now we’re all for doing make-up on the commute. Clipping nails and ‘shedding’ of any kind has been voted a no in the Marie Claire office when it comes to etiquette, but generally, we’re onboard with the whole thing.

Is a sheet mask taking things too far, though?

The woman in question has been identified as Joey, who travels through Ningbo, in eastern China's Zhejiang province, each day on her way to work.

Over the past week however, Joey has been attracting rather a lot of attention due to the black sheet masks she’s been wearing while standing and sitting on trains and buses.

Photos have flooded Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent, and a video taken of one female passenger reacting (rather badly) to Joey’s face masks has reportedly been watched on social media platform Sohu over 70,000 times.

In the clip the fellow passenger calls the mask ‘terrifying’ and after trying to get a closer look at blissed-out Joey, eventually moves away to find a different seat.

Source: Youtube via Hello Giggles But if anyone thought a little negative press would deter Joey from her face mask mission, they’d be wrong. People’s Daily Online

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