Is raw onion juice the key to perfect eyebrows?


Cara Delevingne perfect eyebrows
Cara Delevingne perfect eyebrows
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Our quest for the perfect eyebrow shapes is endless; from helping them to grow faster to defining the shape and filling them in flawlessly, beautiful brows really are the thing.

So it’s with great intrigue (and a little trepidation) that we greet today’s news that raw onions could be the key to growing thicker and fuller eyebrows.

Sparked by beauty vlogger Farah Dukhai, the theory goes that rubbing a raw onion over your brows can help to nourish the hairs, and as a result kick-start a growth spurt. Of course, that’s an eye watering idea for several reasons, and so debate has now ensued on social media and among beauty experts as to whether the onion juice idea can really work.

According to Farah, there is scientific evidence behind her onion theory, and it goes like this; “Onion juice has sulphur which speeds up the growth of hair and makes it thicker.”

While there’s no research categorically proving the growth effect of rubbing raw onions on your eyebrows, there is possibly some backing to the sulphur claim.

The hair industry has long used sulphur in hair growth products, as the mineral is a key component in keratin, the protein which acts as the real building blocks of human hair.

But while many studies have shown sulphur to aid in head hair growth, there’s little evidence to prove it can work on brows too. There’s also even less research to suggest that the sulphur contained in onions can be effectively passed into the hair shaft or follicle, by rubbing the raw form over the hair and skin.

Sorry, guys.

Nonetheless, Farah is still committed to her theory, and even demonstrates the process on Instagram alongside these step-by-step instructions:

“Massage onion juice on brows for 5 mins… let it dry completely… wash off with cold water or a mild cleanser, Do this everyday… careful not to get this in ur eyes!”

What do you think? Worth a try, or a total no-go for you?

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