Lush's new fragrance means you can smell like an actual bath bomb


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In case you haven't noticed, we're obsessed with all things Lush - from their sleepy body lotion, to their eco-friendly refillable lipsticks.

But there's one thing that we all go to Lush for; bath bombs. Whether you want fun, multicoloured and ultra-fizzy, or something to soften your skin, there's a bath bomb for everyone. They've even got some Valentine's Day bath bombs (which are not to be used as sex toys, FYI).

One that has gone down really well with pro soakers is the Goddess bath bomb, which looks very much like the purple waters Ariana Grande floats about in during her God Is A Woman music video.

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It is described as a 'heavenly scent of jasmine, [which] absolutely seduces you into lilac and silver waters, while the darkness of oudh and the richness of sandalwood keep you there, lingering a little longer. Precious ingredients for a true goddess, lifting your mind to a higher plane.'

And now it extends to a perfume, so that you can smell like your favourite perfume all day, every day, if you so wish.

Lush announced the news on Instagram, writing: 'You sprayed and the goddess listened. A pantheon of deities has arrived to bestow gifts of oudh, sandalwood and jasmine. Are you ready to embrace your inner #LushGoddess?'

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The Lush website describes it as a 'dark, warm and woody' as well as 'floral, seductive and fruity' scent. The description reads: 'An evocative, enigmatic oudh perfume, comprised of oudh from responsibly managed nurseries in Thailand. Smoky Caledonian sandalwood adds dark warmth to rich, resinous notes, while sensual jasmine beguiles. Damascus rose, harvested in Turkish fields at dawn, brings just a hint of floral delicacy. The result is opulent and beguiling.'

It doesn't stop there either. If you're really digging the Goddess scent, there's also a fragrance oil, soap and a washcard available, too.

The perfume will set you back £45 for 30ml and can be bought online and in stores.


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