L’equipee Girls, March 13: Sunshine And Shopping In Ouro Preto

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  • On a quiet day in Ouro Preto, one of Brazil's main historical cities, our girls relax and enjoy the architectural treasures of Minas Gerais

    A group of Parisian women, called ‘l’équipée’ girls, who all have a love of vintage motorbikes, are off on an adventure to find out what beauty means around the world. On this leg of their journey, they’ll be spending three weeks riding through Brazil. On their way they’ll meet women from other cultures to discover what beauty really means. Watch part six of their video diary below…

    Surrounded By Beauty In Ouro Preto

    It’s a quiet day in Ouro Preto, one of Brazil’s main historical cities, and our L’Equipée girls have decided to relax and enjoy the architectural treasures of Minas Gerais.

    Yesterday’s journey from Tiradentes in the pouring rain was an ordeal, to put it mildly. Louise B was so tired she could barely drive straight! Which is why the girls ended up deciding not to take the Golden Road they were so looking forward to exploring…It would have been too risky for Louise B!

    Today, after a good night’s sleep and a lazy morning in bed, waking up in Ouro Preto is a breathtaking experience. The view from any window is simply gorgeous! The white facades of the colonial houses with their colourful windows hang onto the green hillsides. It’s the most beautiful thing!

    The girls decide to enjoy the returning sunshine by taking a walk along the charming, sloping streets of the city, with its stunning baroque churches. Still exhausted, Louise B has decided to stay in the guest house. Work soon calls and she has to answer an urgent patient call from Paris. Rest will have to come later: ‘I’m on holiday, but I never end up having real holidays’, she admits.

    Carpe Diem, It’s Time To Shop

    Led astray by Cindy and her irrepressible craving to go shopping, the other girls have been bargain hunting in the tiny jewellery shops. Cindy tried to haggle, but it didn’t work!

    The humidity and heat make the air sweltering, so the girls try to escape inside a comparatively cool café. They sip coconut water – a local habit 100% adopted by the group) – crowded around a single fan. It’s meal time, so, like proper French women, talk soon turns to a local dish: bean stew, the famous ‘feijão tropeiro’.

    Yesterday’s encounter with Tanea Romao very much impressed them. It was a unique and beautiful shared experience. It was truly unforgettable moment – not to mention Tanea’s warm personality. ‘They all agree she’s ‘a truly beautiful woman!’ and it was most definitely ‘a life-changing encounter’. They can’t wait to try the recipe Tanea was kind enough to share with them: ‘Biscoito de Polvilho’ (see below).

    As if like clockwork, the rain comes again in the aternoon – just like yesterday! And right at the time when the girls had intended to get back on the road. They decide to wait a bit before taking off…but it doesn’t stop and nightfall soon descends. Rain and darknes: not the best mix for five girls on their motorcycles, especially for Louise D: ‘I don’t see very well in the dark, and I like to go to bed early.’

    Tune in monday when…

    The girls from L’Equipée arrive late to uncover a rural community and lend their hand in the fields with the women who work there…​


    ½ kg of bitter manioc flour
    ½ glass of cold water
    ½ glass of sunflower oil
    3 eggs
    100 g of grated half-matured cheese
    1 table spoon of fubá (corn flour)
    1 table spoon of salt

    1) Put the manioc flour in a large bowl and add the cold water
    2) Work the dough until its volume doubles
    3) Heat the oil and scald the manioc flour
    4) Knead the dough well
    5) Add the eggs, one by one
    6) Add the grated cheese and the corn flour
    7) Mix everything until the dough reaches rolling point
    8) Add salt if necessary
    9) Oil your hands and roll the doll into small rings
    10) Put the biscuits in cold oil, as the oil heats, the biscuits will fry without bursting
    11) Brown the biscuits and dry them in paper towels

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