THIS is how to get Jennifer Lopez's amazing abs - in just one single exercise move, too

The singer's personal trainer reveals the ONE secret to her washboard stomach

How to get Jennifer Lopez abs
Jennifer Lopez

The singer's personal trainer reveals the ONE secret to her washboard stomach

You’re probably looking at the image below and thinking something along the lines of holy sh*t Jennifer Lopez's abs are ridiculously amazing / how the heck do you get actual washboard abs?' / etc. etc.

Jennifer Lopez abs

Now her trainer, David Kirsch, has revealed exactly how she gets them and it all comes down to one special move. Yes, you read that right – Praise be!

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Speaking to Allure, he divulged that a lot of the cardio training, 46-year-old J.Lo does is high intensity and circuit based because it works best with her body type.

‘It's all about shaping and toning the curves that God blessed her with. We do a lot of circuit training and a lot of compound movements, like crossover lunges and single-leg squats. We do a lot of burpees. We also do a little bit of kickboxing.’

But, when it comes to getting her killer core, all she needs is a stability ball.

‘For her abs and core, we do stability-ball pikes,’ says Kirsch – a move he demonstrates in his book, Ultimate Family Wellness. He also likes ‘stability-ball scissors,’ which involves lying facedown on the stability ball and scissoring your legs.

As if lying face down on a squishy ball isn’t the best sounding exercise you’ve ever heard in your life? (If you’ve heard better, we want to hear from you, obvs).

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She’s also committed to a healthy diet, but says not to beat yourself up if you splurge once in a while. Bottom line, J.Lo’s way of life seems like the best ‘get fit for summer’ regime EVER!

Now dust off that Bosu, people!

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