This handy tweezer sharpening hack is a game-changer

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  • Rejoice, because your blunt tweezers are now a thing of the past...

    There’s nothing more satisfying than a sharp, packet-fresh pair of tweezers, your one-way ticket to the perfect eyebrow shapes.

    A new pair of Rubis or Tweezermans make extracting hairs from the root a satisfying and virtually pain-free procedure. It almost takes all the effort out of the arduous task of brow maintenance.

    By contrast, there’s nothing worse than when those tweezers finally become blunt and useless. Hairs slip from their grasp like they’ve been greased up with butter or, worst case, you painfully yank or break the hair without actually pulling it completely free.

    All pain, no gain.

    Fortunately, going blunt doesn’t have to be the end of your tweezers’ life. A recent Reddit thread has yielded a pretty nifty hack for sharpening your brow tools: your run-of-the-mill nail file.

    A coarse emery board is the perfect texture for sharpening the prongs of your tweezers, making for much better grip of fine eyebrow hairs. Consider your best eyebrow products good as new.

    Should you want your tools to be handled by the pros, cult brand Tweezerman offer a handy free sharpening service for their products .

    Either way, this saves you having to replace your blunt tweezers this month.

    Nail files at the ready…

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