The Hun: How to nail the half-bun trend

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  • The 15-second hair trend that is so hot right now

    The Hun… The humble half-bun. You’d think that by 2015, human beings would have already come up with every possible hairstyle incarnation. There are only a finite number of ways to do you hair, right?


    The latest hot new trend (or one so old that it has fallen out of recent memory) is the half up bun, AKA The Hun.

    how to do a half bun

    Kate Mara

    As seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Mara, the half bun is an update on the messy bun loved by everyone from fashion favourites to mums doing the school run.

    And the real beauty of this bang on trend look is how flippin’ easy it is to do! Seriously, anyone can nail this look – from Rapunzel to Miley Cyrus.

    So simple is the Hun to master that our Beauty Writer Madeleine made us a quick Instagram video on how it’s done. Simples.

    how to do a half bun


    Are you already a fan of the half bun?

    1) Add some texture to hair by backcombing or ruffling vigorously with fingertips. If you have a texturising spray, all the better (we love Oribe Dry Texturising Spray and Batiste’s Texturizing Spray).

    how to do a half bun

    Step 1

    2) Section the top layer of hair with fingertips into a roughly inverted V by running fingers from the tops of ears to the crown of your head.

    how to do a half bun

    Step 2

    3) Tie in a pony tail after finger-combing any really wild bits (but don’t try to make it too neat!).

    how to do a half bun

    Step 3

    4) Pull the hair coming out the pony into a circle around the band, pull it into the shape you’d like and secure with a couple of kirby grips. Done!

    Have you tried the Hun?

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