This Clarins skin Booster is the hangover cure your skin has been dreaming of

There's finally a way to fix hangover face.

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There's finally a way to fix hangover face.

Everyone’s got their go-to hangover cure, whether it’s a huge cooked breakfast or nothing but strong coffee. But no matter the morning-after remedy, there’s very little you can do about one thing; your skin.

Yes, hangover face is a cruel beast indeed, and no matter how much you illuminate, contour and cover, sometimes there’s just nothing to be done about that tell-tale skin situation.

Until now.

In a move that makes us wonder if perhaps the scientists behind Clarins have a direct line into our vault of hopes and wishes, the beauty brand has just unveiled a new range of skin ‘boosters’ - and guess what they tackle?

Yes, among the very many benefits of these new innovations, the boosters actually tackle all the signs of hangover face. Hurrah!

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But first - what is a Booster and what does it do? The idea is that these little bottles contain a highly concentrated combination of effective skin boosting ingredients. A bit like a serum, only more potent.

You don’t need to use very much either, as they’re designed to be added to your existing face cream in the same way you'd turbo-charge a smoothie with a sprinkling of matcha powder.

There are three different boosters in the Clarins Booster range (Energy, Repair and Detox), with two in particular that could transform your face post-gin.

Booster Energy, for example, has been specifically formulated to pep up skin that’s suffering as a result of late nights (check), hectic lifestyles (check), fatigue (check) and long haul flights (fantasy check). Using ginseng, the formula tones up droopy skin (yup) and re-energises lacklustre complexions (always), to give you back some glow.


Then there’s also Booster Detox, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. Partying, overindulgence and extreme pollution are the key targets for this one, which just about sums up the weekend plans of most of us.

Using caffeine from green coffee extract (who knew green coffee was a thing?) to revive skin, it gets to work on faces that are looking a bit dull, while plumping up anything in need of a lift. In other words, it's a Monday morning essential.

The Boosters hit Clarins later this month, £30 each, and let’s be honest, don't they just sound like something we all need in our lives?!

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