ghd adverts banned

ghd TV adverts banned, for causing offence to Christians

ghd’s celebrated hair straighteners are facing criticism from the Advertising Standards Authority, after their television campaign was deemed offensive to Christians.

The adverts, which used extracts of the Lord’s Prayer, showed a model clad in lingerie, grasping rosary beads, with the text ‘May my new curls make her feel choked with jealousy’.

The ad provoked 23 complaints for combining eroticised scenes alongside religious imagery, including an official complaint from The Archdeacon of Liverpool.

ghd has been using the ‘thy will be done’ slogan for seven years, but the ASA deemed that the latest installments for the campaign had overstepped the mark, particularly due to the use of a ‘t’ in the text, which closely resembled a Christian cross.

The ASA ruled that the advertisements could cause serious offence to Christians, and as a result they have now been banned.

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