Game of Thrones spa treatments exist and Book. Us. In.

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  • A Song of Ice and Fire (facials)

    If you thought Game of Thrones fever had peaked ahead of the final season, think again.

    Urban Decay has launched a new GoT-inspired make-up line, while the creators have even hidden finale spoilers inside Spotify playlists for those who can’t wait to see how the last few episodes pan out.

    Now, Haven Spa has just launched a range of treatments inspired by the hit HBO show, allowing everyone to get pampered Game of Thrones style before settling down for the Season 8 premiere.

    Whether your skin is in need of a resurfacing Fire & Ice facial, a White Walker Scrub, or you fancy treating yourself to a Mother of Dragons pedi, there’s a Westeros-inspired treatment for everyone.

    goodbye game of thrones

    Sadly the GoT treatments (full list below) are only available for a limited time in New York – so consider this us dropping the UK spa industry a biiiiiig old hint to make something similar available this side of the Atlantic.

    Mother of Dragons Pedicure

    A luxury pedicure centred around dragon fruit products (see what they did there?), this treatment starts by relaxing in a volcanic salt bath, followed by a vitamin-rich dragon fruit scrub and rich argan oil cream. Oh, and a glass of rosé. A treatment fit for Khaleesi herself.

    White Walker Body Scrub

    ‘Don’t be a White Walker, get rid of your dry, flaky skin!’ A big old CBD scrub is the perfect relaxing pre-summer treatment for super smooth skin.

    Dragonglass Manicure

    A nail art manicure that’s ‘shiny like dragonglass’, the shiny chrome finish is the stuff of dreams.

    Fire & Ice Facial

    Resurfacing facials just got a Game of Thrones upgrade: Medical-grade masques and anti-inflammatory botanicals promise smoother skin, reduce fine lines and diminish the appearance of pores.

    The Geek Massage

    Combining therepeutic stretching and deep tissue work focusing on the upper body, this massage will address the everyday problems stemming from being sat at a desk all day – or, you know, riding a dragon.

    The ‘Rule Your Own World’

    The ultimate GoT package featuring a Geek Massage, Fire & Ice Facial and Mother of Dragons Pedicure. R&R doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

    Game of Thrones Package

    A Dragonglass Manicure, White Walker Scrub, Fire & Ice Facial and Mother of Dragons Pedicure, all yours for the price of $300.

    Quick trip to New York, anyone?

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