Eyeliner ideas more impressive than the classic cat-eye

No steady hand required...


No steady hand required...

There's a reason why the classic eye flick is such a popular beauty look. For one, it gives you the perfect feline shape, adds definition and brings the attention to your eyes. Just look at Adele's eyeliner for inspiration.

But, not all of us are blessed with the steadiest of hands or the ideal shape of eye for a feline flick, which is why cat-eye looks can occasionally seem near impossible - even if you have the very best liquid eyeliner. So we've pulled together a plethora of eyeliner friendly looks just as (if not more) impressive than the classic cat eye. 

Coloured eyeliner: Rim your eyes with a touch of colour. Electric blue will make your eye colour pop, smokey aubergine or emerald green will add a sultry vibe to your look and bright colours like yellow and orange will give your skin a healthy glow. 

Below liner: If you have hooded lids, this one will work well for you. Unlike eyeliner on the top, which can transfer to your upper lid, a swipe of kohl or coloured eyeliner along your bottom lash line will give you the definition without making your eyes looking smaller. 

Double lines: Amp up the drama by repeating your cat eye flick, because sometimes two lines are simply better than one. Apply a classic cat-eye and then follow the same line above, making sure that your lines are perfectly parallel and the same distance between on each eyelid. 

Banana socket line: Take the 60s approach and apply a light coloured eyeshadow over your whole lid, just up to the crease on your eye socket, then line your top lash line, flicking out at the edges and bring back in along your eyelid crease to create an Eddie Sedgwick look. For a more modern approach, leave your eyelid bare and just add a line above your eyelid crease. 

Block eyeliner: Supersize your cat eye flick, but remember, because it's such a striking look, you need to keep the rest of your face bare. It's the perfect complement to slicked back hair and a suit or party dress.

Multi coloured wing: If you don't want to compromise on the shape of a classic cat-eye flick but want to try something different, switch up the colours. Remember to use darker colours along your bottom lash line and on the outer corners of your eyes to give them definition. 

Smudged effect: You know how sometimes you wake up and the remnants of last night's makeup actually looks better than when it was done? That's the effect of the slept in look. Fake it by haphazardly applying your eyeliner (a god send for those of us who can't keep a steady hand when applying liner!) and gently smudge it with a Q-tip. 

Natalie Lukaitis