Eyebrow transplants arrive in UK

Eyebrow transplants available for the over-plucked

Marie Claire Fashion News: Agyness Deyn
Marie Claire Fashion News: Agyness Deyn

Eyebrow transplants available for the over-plucked

With strong brows back on-trend this season, help is at hand for those who have been a little too overzealous with the tweezers – but it costs an eye-watering £2,000.

The eyebrow transplant has arrived in the UK - imported from the US - and takes several hours at the cost of around £2,000.

Originally developed to help burn victims, the procedure is now growing in popularity amongst women looking to regain fuller brows, after years of tweezing have left them with thin over-plucked arches.

The process involves hair being shaved from the back of the head to allow follicles to be extracted.

Small incisions are then made above the eye to create a new eyebrow shape, and individual hairs inserted into the holes. Up to 350 hairs are required for each brow.

Strict upkeep is then required from the patient, who must trim the brows regularly, as the hairs will grow faster than regular brow hair, having been taken from the head.

The painstaking procedure takes two to three hours and around 100 were performed in the UK last year.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Dr Greg Williams from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said, 'It is a treatment that was originally for burn victims and those with thinning eyebrows. People might bring in pictures of how they used to look - or of celebrities that have particularly good eyebrows.'

Bushier brows have become a beauty must-have of late, embraced by celebrities such as Agyness Deyn, Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore.

Create a fuller look - without having to fork out £2,000 - by investing in a good brow kit, like Bobbi Brown's.

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