Forget perfect feline flicks, eyelid art is a thing and it’s truly beautiful

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  • Van Gough's Starry Night on your eyelid, anyone?

    When it comes to eye make-up, sometimes just getting our eyeliner to go in a perfectly straight line feels like a masterpiece. So we can only imagine the skill it takes to create these stunning works of eyelid art.

    Yes, that’s right, eyelid art is a thing and it’s absolutely amazing.

    Georgia Ryland, a make-up artist and body painter from Brisbane, Australia, is one such pro.

    Having carved out a niche for herself painting incredible scenes onto the bodies of her models – it’s no surprise that she’s won awards for her work – Georgia is now showcasing her eyelid art on Instagram.

    We’re not just talking rainbows and random shapes, either.

    Among her eyelid etchings are an incredibly detailed recreation of Vincent Van Gough’s famous Starry Night, complete with an almost like-for-like mix of colours and blended shades.

    Impressed? You haven’t seen the Monet yet.

    With what seems like an impossible level of intricate detail, Georgia has also painted an interpretation of Claude Monet’s Bridge Series onto an eyelid, along with The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai.

    Describing the latter on Instagram, Georgia writes: “My favourite piece of art that I have painted 5 or 6 times now – never this tiny though! I’ll be playing around with little paints over the year – keep track of them through #makeupforants.”

    It’s not just highbrow art that Georgia likes to create, however. Her first piece of eyelid art came from a pun on beloved cat eyeliner, while fast food, cupcakes and fresh fruit feature too.

    Explaining how it all began, Georgia writes on Imgur: “I started with a pun. Cat liner… Although ridiculously specialised and possibly the most useless application of my skill, I kept playing around.

    “I use a variety of products to make these: mainly body paints and eyeshadows. I’ve taken kindly to using liquid lipsticks a lot.”

    We’ll never see our eye make-up in the same way again!

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