Party Season Hair Hacks: 5 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do In 5 Minutes

Blogger and celebrity stylist Roxie Nafousi has got party season all wrapped up with easy-peasy, high impact hair dos

Roxie Nafousi Beauty & Hair
Roxie Nafousi Beauty & Hair

Blogger and celebrity stylist Roxie Nafousi has got party season all wrapped up with easy-peasy, high impact hair dos

The festive season is upon us and while we frantically try to wrap up our work, do our Christmas shopping, prepare for New Year and attend our annual Christmas parties, time is at more of a premium than ever before. There is a sense of excitement in the air but with it a sense of stress, franticness and panic! So, to make your lives a little easier, I wanted to find five easy hairstyles that you can do in the office before your parties that will not only make you look gorgeous, but will save you time. and money going to the salon.

I went down to my favourite hairdressers Clo & Flo and asked them to teach me their quickest and most popular styles so that I could then teach you!

1: The Messy Bun Inspired by the STUNNING Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on the X Factor a couple of weeks ago, this is my go-to hairstyle when I'm in a rush. I love a high bun because it gives the face an instant face lift, and it looks effortless-yet-sophisticated which, to me, is the winning combination for any look.

Step 1: Scrape your hair up into a high pony tail (the higher the better in my opinion). For a sleeker look, brush the hair into position and then spray with hair spray, or for a more textured look simply use your fingers.

Step 2: Wrap the ponytail roughly around and pin into place. There is no need to be neat with this, the look is supposed to look effortless so don't worry about making it look perfect.

Step 3: My new favourite trick to complete the messy bun is to pull out a couple of wisps of hair in the front and a couple at the back to give that totally nonchalant chic to it. It completes the look and makes it look very boho chic.

2: The Low Bun This hairstyle looks so much more complicated than it is and low buns are just always so glam.

Step 1: Divide your hair into two sections and tie into two ponytails at the back of the head.

Step 2: Twist each section of hair and tie up at the end.

Step 3: Pick up both sections, loop them around each other and pin into place.

3: The Fishtail I have always been a fan of fishtail plaits but they always look SO hard to do yourself, however discovering this little trick was a total game-changer.

Step 1: Divide your hair into three sections and plait each section and tie at the bottom

Step 2: Plait the three sections with each other and tie at the bottom

Step 3: Pull out the plaits gently to make the fish tail look wider and fuller

4: The Simple Plait This is the simplest boho look around. I love wearing my hair like this with a 70s style floaty dress to really complete the look.

Step 1: Take small sections of your hair from the front and divide at your natural parting.

Step 2: Plait each section.

Step 3: Pull each small plait back and tie together.

Steph 4: Add a ribbon over the knot for a festive feel!

5: The Pull Back This will probably take you under a minute to do and I love how you can change your whole look so quickly. When I'm out I hate having hair in my face, especially if I'm going for a dance; this keeps your hair out of your eyes whilst still looking 'done'.

Step 1: Take a small section of hair from the front of your head

Step 2: Pull Back and twist at the end of the hair.

Step 3: Pin into place et voilà!

...And if any of these don't work either then stick on a Christmas hat and wear it with pride! Lots of Love, Roxie xx

p.s. Want a bit of mid-winter motivation to get to the gym?

Merry Christmas!

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