Does Olaplex cause infertility? Here’s the truth behind the TikToks

Olaplex lovers, take a deep breath

Does Olaplex cause infertility? Here’s the truth behind the tik toks

Olaplex lovers, take a deep breath

Since its launch back in 2014, Olaplex has been the apple of the hair care industry’s eye. The product is based on a patented bonding technology that solves practically every hair concern. 

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However, the brand’s cult status is being tarnished by viral TikToks. The videos, that first circulated at the end of February, claim that there is an ingredient in the No.3 Hair Protector which is toxic and linked to infertility

Other videos sent those with untameable manes into a frenzy saying that the product is to be banned in the UK this month. We’re here to soothe your stress and get to the bottom of the controversy. 

So, does Olaplex cause infertility? 

The bottom line is no - if you are using the new formula. 

Before January 2022, Olaplex No.3 contained the ingredient butylphenyl methylpropional, or lilial. This is the chemical causing concern. 

The European Commission published a report last year that listed the compound as Repr. 1B. This code refers to substances that are potentially toxic for reproduction. Since this finding, the ingredient is banned from all cosmetics in the EU and UK from March 1st, 2022.

Is lilial in other things? 

Before it was prohibited, the ingredient was in almost anything that has a floral scent. From perfumes to powders, there’s no doubt you’ve been exposed to it before. 

Don’t worry, research shows that the ingredient is only harmful in large amounts. Considering that it made up 0.0119% of Olaplex’s old formula, you shouldn’t fret if you haven’t bought a new bottle this year. 

Things like paint, detergent, and shoe polish also contain the ingredient. If you are using loads of household products that contain lilial on a daily basis, you should err on the side of caution.

Relax, Olaplex isn’t banned 

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In fact, the brand is going above and beyond to ensure that the ingredient is removed from all of its products. Not only have the team phased it out in the UK and EU, but they have also actively removed it from their entire global supply chain.


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