Could this balloon hack change the way you curl your hair forever?

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    We’re always impressed by finding ingenious beauty hair hacks that give us a new way to improve on a classic – even more so if they give us a no-heat alternative. With that in mind, we were pretty excited to hear about this new, if not bizarre, technique for curling your hair…

    Never happy with your hair? This is why

    Beauty blogger Tina Lee of suggests that we should all be using balloons to create perfect curls. In her YouTube tutorial,

    Once you’ve found more suitable balloons, you need to start blowing them up to roughly ‘the size of a peach’.

    How To Do Effortless Waves Like A Pro

    Next, she says you have to divide the ponytail into small sections, spray water on each one, and start wrapping them around each balloon, fastening them with bobby pins as you go. You following?

    Tina assures us they are fine sleep on as they’re ‘so bouncy’. However we do have one huge problem with this and that is asking the obvious question… WHAT IF THEY POP WHILE WE’RE SLEEPING? The sheer horror of waking up to a balloon popping literally an inch from our ears is enough to scare us off for life.

    So, we think we’ll just stick to our curling iron for now.

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