Vanessa Hudgens’ manicure just took Coachella style to a new level


Vanessa Hudgens pool party
Vanessa Hudgens pool party
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Vanessa Hudgens is to Coachella what Kate Moss is to Glastonbury; a bohemian beacon of festival style that perfectly sums up the entire vibe of the weekend. Year after year, she’s nailed it. So for Coachella 2016, Vanessa’s decided to nail it again - literally.

Pre-festival beauty prep has seen Vanessa’s nails decorated with the most intricate Coachella-themed manicure we’ve ever seen. But folks, that’s not where this headline ends.

The embellished mani cost a whopping $190 (£133), and took over three hours to complete.

Using a Kylie Jenner style matte brown polish, the mani features real Swarovski crystals - delicate ones to line the cuticles and bigger rocks taking centre stage - and some, umm, interesting gold (marijuana-shaped) artwork.

It is, you could say, quite the Coachella spectacle.

Source: Instagram/Laqué Nail Bar

The look was created by the pros at A-list hotspot Laqué Nail Bar, in Beverley Hills, and owner of the salon, Marina Torosian, has happily shared just what went into creating the epic mani.

“When [Vanessa] originally called and booked the appointment, she had a vision of what she wanted,” Marina tells People. “She didn’t bring in a photo, but she was looking at some of our photos and she picked some detailing and stones from our lookbooks.

“The pot leaves were actually drawn on with Vetro polish - it’s one of their signatures called Rose Gold Leaf," she adds. “Vanessa came in at 7:30 and left about 10:15. She was in love with it. She couldn’t stop looking at it. She was super excited.”

While you may not be able to recreate this level of crazy embellishment every day of the week (each Swarovski crystal cluster costs $15), you can nail Vanessa’s hue of choice. It’s none other than the OPI gel polish in Ice-Bergers and Fries, finished with a matte top coat.

Vanessa’s sister Stella also joined the pre-Coachella mani session, and left with a slightly more understated $105 (£73) manicure, featuring OPI’s lavender Taupe-less Beach gel shade, and sparkling pearl appliqués.

Source: Instagram/Laqué Nail Bar

Well, we feel rather underdressed after all that!

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